Chatham County shifting funds due to Hurricane Dorian evacuation

Chatham County shifting funds due to Hurricane Dorian evacuation

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Chatham County Commissioners approved a large chunk of money, about $215,000, to cover the gap in expenses from Hurricane Dorian on Friday.

That brings the total that the County has not been reimbursed to just over $1.6-million.

Chatham County Commission Chairman Al Scott said during Friday’s meeting that the books had to be balanced to settle up with costs associated with the state-ordered mandatory evacuation.

Scott explained what cost the county most.

“The primary, or the two largest are our obligations to Augusta, and to the company that provided the transportation to move the citizens from the Civic Center to Augusta,” he said.

Chairman Scott says the County Commission will be consulting the Chatham County Legislative Delegation to see what, if any help they can get from other funding sources

The Dean of the local delegation weighed in on that possibility.

“We can advocate," said State Rep. Ron Stephens, (R) Savannah. "Of course that’s the Governor, GEMA, even the federal side. That’s their kind of dollars. Of course we can advocate for that. Of course from GEMA, they have to look to FEMA to make sure all that stuff meshes together. But for us, we can definitely advocate and we will.”

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