City of Santa Claus receives thousands of letters for Santa

City of Santa Claus receives thousands of letters for Santa

SANTA CLAUS, Ga. (WTOC) - ​One Toombs County town sees a blizzard of mail each Christmas season as people want their cards postmarked from Santa Claus.

Even before Thanksgiving, mail starts arriving in Santa Claus either through the post office or brought by hand by people who want their cards to have that postmark before they send them far and wide.

Come by City Hall this time of year and you’ll find Sue at the front desk putting the post mark on cards all day long.

“As of last week, I’d done a thousand. I don’t know how many’s here, maybe 300 or 400. This is a big day. This is Santa’s summer home. Sometimes where people call, he’s out to lunch with friends or he’s gone back to the North Pole,” said City Secretary Sue Grisham.

Some have already traveled from as far as Kingsland to get the postmark. Molly Becker just moved here and heard about it.

“We thought it was so unique. Our family in Florida is going to think “how fun! they live near Santa Claus!”. We thought it would be a nice personal touch for our cards,” said Becker.

Sue says the phone rings constantly too, with calls from school teachers and grandparents, checking who’s on the lists for naughty or nice.

“And I have to give them some frank talk and remind them that Santa sees everything and he knows! It’s a lot of fun,” said Grisham.

To her, sharing the postmark with so many is a little like being one of Santa’s elves, delivering Christmas cheer through the mail.

She says they’ll see thousands more between now and Dec. 24 or so.

You can bring Christmas cards by for postmarks on weekdays during regular office hours.

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