Operation Safe Disposal helping keep crooks out of your trash

Operation Safe Disposal helping keep crooks out of your trash

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Crooks can take advantage of the Christmas season and take what was under your tree.

Statesboro Police have a way to help you keep the Grinch from snooping through your stuff.

Operation Safe Disposal started on Monday. They’ll have a large trash container here and at five other locations around town so people can discard those telltale boxes for electronics and other big-ticket gifts that might draw a thief’s attention if it’s in the pile with the rest of your weekly trash at the curb.

Police say bad guys are patrolling neighborhoods this time of year, looking for the boxes that lead them to the loot.

“Thieves, burglars drive by and say “hey, there’s a brand new TV in that house.” So we want to give people a safe place to go and dispose of those kinds of packages so nobody outside their house knows what’s inside their house,” said Chief Mike Broadhead.

They’ll have containers at police headquarters, Statesboro Fire Station 2, the public works station, waste water treatment plant and some other locations.

They’ll set these up Monday and have them open through the end of the month.

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