Owner of pitbull who attacked family’s dog appears in court

Owner of pitbull who attacked family’s dog appears in court

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - The Pitbull owner who’s dog attacked a German Shepard last month, has decided to surrender her dog.

You may remember the attack that happened in Richmond Hill and was all caught on camera.

Bin Li says his family’s 10-month-old dog Max’s life changed forever three weeks ago. A Pitbull roaming the neighborhood attacked Max, a German Shepard. It all happened fast in the front yard.

Tuesday, Li and the Pitbull’s owner Arazana Hilton appeared in court to determine what happens next.

Hilton decided to surrender her dog for her neighborhood’s safety. Hilton and her husband believe their fence was tampered but they apologized to Li, praying for healing within both families.

“We actually surrendered him, ultimately we felt it was safer for the community, safer for our children since we don’t know what triggered the attack,” Hilton said.

“We didn’t want to victimize ourselves, we were just expressing that it hurt us too in a sense that we put somebody else through pain and also the fact that now we’re one less dog because somebody possibly tampered with our property," said Pitbull owner Anthony Hilton.

Li says Max is on the road to recovery, but has changed since the attack.

“He’s healing up really well, but he’s acting totally different, he doesn’t act like he used to be like anybody that he met before and anybody that gets closer to my property, he shows really aggressive behavior and try to attack people and other animals,” said Li.

Both owners will be back in court Feb. 11.

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