Body cam video shows arrest for stolen guns, drugs

Body cam video shows arrest for stolen guns, drugs

PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Savannah police sergeant is on paid administrative leave in connection to a case that involves the arrest of her relative and guns investigators say that a family member stole.

The investigation involving Sergeant Nicole Khaalis was launched after Port Wentworth police arrested Eric Maholmes last week.

Detectives say the tip came from a neighbor who saw a suspicious car. When officers arrived they found stolen guns, drugs and other property, a situation that could’ve been extremely dangerous.

Three men were arrested after a neighbor dialed 911 when they noticed a car parked at Sandy Point Way and BlackBerry Lane for over an hour.

Body cam video from that night shows the driver, Eric Maholmes.

“Somebody called. Take your hand away from that gun. As a matter of fact I’m just going to take it real quick and sit it on top of the car,” says the officer on the body cam video.

“Maholmes was in possession of a firearm that was sitting in between his legs. The officer went and secured it for his safety as well as others,” said Detective Jeffrey McMurry.

Three people were arrested Eric Maholmes, Naquan Solomon and Brandon Jones.

Detective Jeffrey McMurry says the officer found illegal drugs in the car, two more stolen guns and a stolen key fob for another car. He also noticed Maholmes was up to something else.

“He observed Maholmes eating the illegal drugs,” said McMurry.

You can even hear the officer address it as he handcuffs Maholmes.

“You’re also eating it,” says the officer on the body cam video.

Maholmes, Solomon and Jones are all charged with possession of a firearm during a commission of crime, Possession of marijuana less than an ounce and possession of stolen property.

“The next night, Port Wentworth Police Department was also dispatched to where Maholmes lives in the Lakeshore subdivision,” said McMurry.

Police say the people in the house turned over four more guns. Some guns stolen from Savannah and North Carolina. Police say Maholmes also had people’s social security cards, checkbooks and more. McMurry says other things in the car made the incident even more suspicious.

“Masks, gloves. There’s no telling what they were going to do or what had already transpired,” he said.

Detective McMurry says it’s an ongoing investigation. He says the next step is determining where the property was stolen from.

According to Savannah Police, Maholmes was living with his relative, Savannah Police Sergeant Nicole Khaalis at the time.

They say she is on administrative leave with pay while they do an internal affairs investigation.

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