Decorating tips from ‘A Curated Christmas’

Decorating tips from A Curated Christamas

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - We may be in the final countdown to Christmas, but it’s never too late to get your decorations up. Anthony Saveedra VanDerdys of ‘A Curated Christmas’ has some advice on how to spruce up a room.

It all begins when you enter the room. VanDerdys said you don’t even need a Christmas tree to make an impact.

"Over here I added some greenery up there. This is all you need sometimes, you don’t have to have a Christmas tree or a whole bunch of garland. You can add this to your entryway or your dining room, and it’s going to look really good. "

Next, you can use garland to liven up a mantle or fireplace.

“We’re going to talk about building your garland. I used my simple strand of garland I added it to the mantle and started layering it. 4 or 5 different greens here. Ones with snow. Regular garland. More pine needles here. Then I started added magnolia leaves, cotton, pinecones, ornaments, and even feathers. I love these beautiful feathers, stick them where ever you want. Build that texture look how beautiful that looks. You’re adding another layer of Christmas! This fireplace is not a working fireplace so I thought, how can I fill this and make it look really beautiful? So, I added greenery again, pine cones, and I wanted a nativity scene but I didn’t want a whole set so I bought this one and it looks beautiful in there.”

VanDerdys also had some great tips for decorating a Christmas tree.

“I always start at the top, I can only work on a tree if I start on the top. I don’t necessarily love putting stars and angels at the top of the tree. So, I added feathers of different colors, glittered magnolias, cotton, and I built it down that way, I added a stuffed pheasant to the tree. It’s all about creating this beautiful story on your tree.”

Last but not least, you can create a forest in your living room.

“We’re going to cover the table with a whole bunch of mulch so as you can see the tree looks like it’s growing. So, it almost feels like you are in the woods. Leave room for the dishes. It feels like you are in this enchanted Christmas forest. For the centerpiece I bought a small Christmas tree, tied it up with a bow, and then we’ll just add berries, oranges, which will give a great scent, tuck it all in to the tree. Have fun with it, be creative.”

If you’d like more decorating tips you can find Anthony’s work here.

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