Liberty County sees progress in fight against meth

Liberty County sees progress in fight against meth

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Meth is a growing problem nationwide. Law enforcement agencies in Southeast Georgia are finding ways to fight the problem.

“We don’t spend most of our time kicking in doors and chasing people down," said Capt. Sascha Krumnow, with the Liberty County narcotics unit.

Working in a narcotics unit isn’t as action-packed as some might think. In Liberty County, the group is focused on getting drugs off the street - in particular, meth.

“Part of the problem is that meth has become readily available and the price has come down tremendously," said Capt. Krumnow.

The captain explained how the task of fighting meth use isn’t an easy one.

“Just as soon as we find a way to combat the problem, drug users and drug dealers find a way to counteract what they’re doing." he said.

Krumnow said many of the unit’s investigations begin with a simple traffic stop. If officers find drugs in the car, the narcotics unit is the first to know about it.

“Whether it’s a couple crumbs of marijuana or several ounces of methamphetamine," said Krumnow. "If it’s involving drugs in Liberty County, we get the phone call and our guys will investigate it.”

Investigations can last months, sometimes years -- but that’s why the county’s narcotics unit is becoming so successful.

According to reports, in 2019, the unit worked 470 cases, arrested 487 offenders and seized drugs worth around $347,000.

“We’ve made some progress, and have been able to do some good things here," said Krumnow.

He added that the fight against meth isn’t over, and the community can help by reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement.

Krumnow said community tips help. Many drug-related cases are solved, or drug offenders are arrested due to the community’s help.

Remember: If you see something, say something.

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