Savannah Fire adds red bulbs to holiday wreath

Savannah Fire adds red bulbs to holiday wreath

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah Fire Rescue is trying to keep its wreath as green as possible until the new year.

However, as of Tuesday, nine lights shine red representing the number of fires they’ve responded to since Thanksgiving. Six of the fires were caused by the same thing.

For three years, a wreath has hung on the Savannah Fire and Rescue building during the holiday season. While it might look like just a decoration, it stands for much more.

“It starts out with green lights all over it and if there’s a fire in the city then we’ll change one of the lights from green to red,” said Capt. Matthew Kelly.

On Tuesday morning, another red light was added.

“We’re up to light number 9 as of this morning. There’s been numerous cooking fires,” said Kelly.

Six cooking fires to be exact. Captain Kelly says unattended cooking is the leading cause of the fires they’ve responded to since Thanksgiving.

“We want people to be more aware of what’s happening. If they start to cook, to make sure they stay in that room where it is so they can take care of it so it doesn’t catch fire,” said Kelly.

Some of the other fires, however, weren’t in the kitchen. A fire on Maupas Street was a smoking fire and the one on Waldburg Street was confined in a bedroom closet.

“Over the past few years there’s been approximately 20 fires during the holiday season in this time frame,” said Kelly.

The wreath is hung before Thanksgiving and will be up until the new year. Kelly says it serves as constant reminder for fire prevention and awareness.

“It’s for public awareness to say ‘hey we have to be a little more careful in our city,'” he said.

And another red light means more than a fire it means someone’s life that might be changed forever.

“Somebody’s life could be turned upside down because they could be losing everything,” Kelly said.

Captain Kelly says in order to keep the majority of the lights green on the wreath here are a few tips:

  • Don’t forget to stay in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Blow out candles when you leave the house or go to bed.
  • Don’t overload your outlets.

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