Bradwell Institute band seniors audition for college admission

Bradwell Institute band seniors audition for college admission

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Band students at Bradwell Institute in Hinesville got a special opportunity — an audition to attend Shaw University in North Carolina. Each student left with an offer to the college.

If you've ever been to an audition, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. But you can't let that fear get to you.

"That's what you have to think when you go into auditions, or otherwise you set yourself up for failure,” said Xavier Edwards, a senior at Bradwell Institute.

Edwards is one of eight seniors in Bradwell Institute's band class, who had a unique opportunity presented to him.

"A few of our seniors had a chance to audition for Shaw University,” band director Aubrey Simmons said.

Simmons said the band director and assistant admissions director from Shaw came to Hinesville, held an audition and you can say the students left the audition on a high note.

"I messaged my two brothers and my sister, and they were very proud,” senior Aaliyah Michael said.

"He was impressed, and I was impressed with my performance,” Edwards said.

Before the band recruitment season even begins, these students secured a spot at Shaw, including scholarship money up to $24,000.

Simmons says he knows what his students are capable of and had no doubt they'd have a successful audition.

"Very good and very refreshing to see the kids work so hard for something they really, really wanted,” Simmons said.

The students have a few months before they decide where they will end up for college.

Simmons says his goal is to get these talented musicians out there for college band directors to see and hear. He plans to take them to Atlanta in the spring for a recruitment conference.

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