Bulloch Co. sees largest local drug bust

Bulloch Co. sees largest local drug bust

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A huge drug bust in Bulloch County lands three people in jail. Drug agents say it’s the largest local bust of methanphetamine that they’ve seen.

They say neighbors complained of suspicious behavior around the property - cars and people coming and going all hours of the night. That prompted deputies to take a closer look.

Their investigation led to charges against Clarance Johnson, Hope Mitchell, and Clifton Pittman. The charges include possession and trafficking.

Investigators say they seized a little over four pounds of meth. That carries a street value of $30,000.

One agent says they were tipped to look inside a large gallon sized cooler. He says this is the largest quantity of meth they’ve found at one time.

“On a rare occasion, we find two or three ounces," said Inv. Marcus NeSmith with the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office. "I don’t know if in my time here, we’ve located one pound, let alone more than four pounds.”

All three suspects remain in the Bulloch County jail. They’re also searching for a fourth suspect, Joy Leigh Horton of Savannah.

Anyone with information about Horton or the rest of this case is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

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