Coyote concerns in the Lowcountry

Coyote concerns in the Lowcountry

HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Concern for coyotes in South Carolina caused the state to host a management workshop Thursday in Hampton County.

Thirty outdoorsmen from all over South Carolina came together to learn how areas can manage coyotes. The scavengers are an issue across South Carolina in cities and in more rural farming areas.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources hosted the workshop because in cities, they pose a threat to pets and children, while rural farming areas see a threat to their livestock.

The event was at Webb wildlife sanctuary where attendees had over 20,000 acres to practice setting traps for the animals.

The event taught lethal and nonlethal methods of control.

“It’s sort of an all encompassing management program to teach them not only lethal techniques but non-lethal techniques to manage the damage coyotes may be doing,” said wildlife biologist Jay Butfiloski.

Attendees will spend a day and a half immersed in learning all about the habits, threats, and advantages coyotes pose to different areas. This is not the first time the state has held such a workshop.

If a city or town sees a spike in coyote activity, the state can do a workshop for that specific area.

“Well, we do have some information on our website. Of course they can contact us and I’ll go and I’ll give presentations. You know, not a day and a half worth, but I go across the state and give information to property owners,” Butfiloski said.

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