Proposal for new hotel could force Abe’s on Lincoln to relocate

Proposal for new hotel could force Abe’s on Lincoln to relocate

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A new proposal could change a portion of downtown Savannah.

A group is trying to add another hotel to the Historic District on the same block where Abe's on Lincoln is now.

In fact, two more COA signs are on this building where Abe's on Lincoln is, and the one just to the north that call for both buildings to be relocated. Physically picking these buildings up and moving them somewhere else to make way for a new hotel to be built.

The proposal was scheduled for a public hearing last month. WTOC is waiting to get the applications and meeting video from the Historic Review Board staff to see what's next, and when it will be up for consideration again.

The thought of moving such old buildings has some sounding off on social media, unsure of what condition they could be left in if moved.

Chatham County property records indicate the old FBI building and the building that houses Abe's on Lincoln are owned by a group called Bryan Hotel Investors LLC.

The property to the north of Abe's is owned by Smith Family Investors LLC.

In March, Abe's on Lincoln will celebrate 10 years at this location.

Once we learn more about the application and details about the proposed hotel, we’ll update this story.

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