Tiny house village expands services offered to veterans

Tiny house village expands services offered to veterans

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The tiny house village in Savannah is expanding the services offered to veterans.

The homes are now more than a living space, they are a healthcare facility for the residents.

Savannah’s tiny home village is home to 23 previously homeless veterans. Now, they have a place to go to check in with themselves.

“We are providing a necessary service to the homeless veterans that are now housed,” said J.C. Lewis Healthcare CEO Brandon Gaffney.

The clinic is a result of a partnership.

“This is a true collaboration. This is two organizations, that is Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless and J.C. Lewis coming together to solve the problems of our community,” said Gaffney.

And services the 23 residents and, when there are openings, other members of Savannah’s homeless population.

“It is housed in the tiny house village, however, other veterans and people can come to the sight,” said Gaffney.

The health facility will cater to primary care, mental health advice, as well as nutritional advice. Organizers say this is a way to help veterans who need consistent healthcare.

“Our veterans will have their own home clinic. Some of us take that for granted but for the first time for many of these residents they have a place that is truly their own,” said Chatham Savannah Authority Executive Director Cindy Kelly.

The village opened doors to the first group of veterans in July and the second wave just last month.

Now, it's holiday time in the tiny homes and veterans are trying to brighten their season.

Decorations went up on some of the homes and citizens from all over Savannah reached out trying to help. So much so, that the tiny home village had to turn some donations down. But there is one gift they are specifically requesting from the savannah community.

"Basically, we are encouraging residents to create their own memories. Plan for some meals together and for those outside of the community if they want to accept a gift, we are accepting Kroger gift cards. Then they can buy their own groceries and do their own meal planning. And frankly, a lot of residents do go away and spend time with their own families. Which a lot of people don’t think about, but they do,” Kelly said.

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