Beaufort Co. neighbors enjoy dueling holiday light displays

Beaufort Co. neighbors enjoy dueling holiday light displays

BEAUFORT CO, S.C. (WTOC) - Every street has one house that decorates just a little bit more than the others. In one Beaufort County neighborhood, there’s not one but two houses that take decorating to the extreme. They say there’s no competition.

“I do it for the kids!” said decorator Pam Williams.

The neighbors have always decorated for Christmas. The Williams have just kicked it up in the last three years.

“This year we started doing more to the lightorama.”

Their neighbors have been decorating for three decades.

“Our house is the one across the street,” said Sabina and Scott Hershberger. “We started thirty years ago across Beaufort.”

Each year the homes surprise each other with new additions.

It takes up to a week to set up the lights outside the home and a few months to program them to dance to the music. But these families say that it’s so worth it.

The lights will stay up through December but for those in the Beaufort area who want to get into the Christmas spirit, they can come to Mink Point Boulevard tomorrow night when Santa comes to say hello.

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