Rain impacting dirt roads in Bulloch County

Rain impacting dirt roads in Bulloch County

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - In some rural areas, all the rain creates a different set of problems, especially on dirt roads.

They’re watching the rain gauge as much as any of us. They say this much water has nowhere to go fast. More showers Monday night could lead to water across some roads and washing dirt away with it.

A monster truck might work better down parts of Ponderosa Road. Cars bounced through potholes and drivers looked for solid spots to avoid slip sliding in the mud. County crews spent the day checking the usual spots for washouts.

“So far, we haven’t gotten to a road that’s impassable. The roads have just turned to soup from all the rain,” said Transportation Superintendent Therman Fail.

They found water from a pond almost flowing over. They cleaned out a beaver dam to get water flowing through the culverts again, but not before it washed out a few feet of the shoulder. County leaders say 24 hours of rain have drain pipes on several roads overloaded with more showers on the way.

“We’re anticipating another, anywhere from one to three inches, of rain tonight. The ditches are full and the creeks are full right now. So we could have problems going into tomorrow morning,” said Public Safety Director Ted Wynn.

Wynn urges people to use caution driving roads with these conditions, especially after dark and don’t drive through any standing water. Fail says they’ll do their best to keep water flowing under the roads and not over.

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