Richmond Hill residents seeing heavy flooding near Hwy. 144 project

Residents seeing heavy flooding near Hwy. 144 Project in Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Rain and flooding in south Bryan County, is putting a damper on many residents’ Christmas spirit.

Many people woke up to their yards and even cars under water in Richmond Hill. A few residents said the construction on Highway 144 is only made their flooding problems worse, even though in the end the project is supposed to help with drainage and flooding issues.

Many residents say they’ve dealt with flooding before but not this bad. The two problematic areas seem to be Rabbit Hill Road and Charlie’s Road.

“We’ve never had flooding like this before,” said Cindy White.

The water is through our garage, up over the first step," said Margaret Taylor.

Cindy White and Margaret Taylor say they were in the holiday spirit until Monday morning when water met them at their front door.

“Since they’re doing the road construction the new road is going to be higher than the old road, which is higher than our yard, they didn’t really account for any drainage in this area through here so we’re just getting all the rain from the new road over into our yard,” said White.

White says they have had flooding issues on Charlie’s road for quite some time, which is why they say they reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation about the Highway 144 project and the problems it would cause them.

A similar problem the Taylor’s are having.

“This is my happy place, but not anymore,” said Taylor.

For Margaret and Joseph Taylor, they have been living on the corner of Rabbit Hill Road for nearly 30 years. But when it rains, they say the problems seem to just pour in, literally.

“We told them before they started construction that this was going to happen, you’re taking half of our yard and there’s nowhere for the water to go the projected height of this road was raised now if anybody comes off the road they’re not going to come into my yard they’re going to come into my house,” they said.

Forcing them to move two of their cars down the road to Publix, still leaving one of them submerged.

“Everyone wants to know if we were asked if they would buy us out, no they never said they would buy us out it wasn’t going to be necessary, what they did tell us is we would never flood again, we would never have a problem again,” they said.

Jill Nagle with GDOT said this is a project community members wanted and residents will see a difference once the project is done.

Nancy Leggett walked us to her backyard after rain and flooding took over a majority of it.

She’s been living on the highest property on Charlie’s Road for over 20 years now but she says the Highway 144 project forces runoff water into her ditch.

“It’s at least 4 feet deep,” said Leggett.

“It’s supposed to be flowing to the ditch and as you can see I have a river that’s coming in to my ditch, pushing all of the water out of the woods and it’s coming into my ditch and so my water isn’t going anywhere.”

With her ponds overflowing, it’s leaving the water just sitting.

“This is not good on horses feet standing in water like this,” said Leggett.

Also affecting her animals.

“I have some laying hens in that pen over there and that pen is up off the ground simply because the water isn’t going to go anywhere, those hens over there are going to probably be standing in water before long so I’m going to have to move them.”

She’s got goats.

“Three little goats in there that can’t even come out of their little house.”

Leggett says If the water doesn’t go down she’ll have to move her horses to a friend’s house in Guyton.

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