A Christmas Eve rush for restaurants who do the cooking for you

A Christmas Eve rush for restaurants who do the cooking for you

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Over the holiday so many people expect several big, hearty meals over the next few days. But for some a good pre-meal is pizza.

So many feel this way some pizza shops say they see an increase in business this time of year.

Large orders are common at Lovezolla’s Pizza Family Restaurant on Christmas Eve, mostly because people don’t want to cook for themselves before the holiday.

“My son and I are going to be cooking dinner tomorrow for our family and I just figured well it’s going to be so hectic so I’m going to take a break today,” said Shelly Hawkins.

But she wasn’t alone. Lovezzola’s got dozens of orders in a hours’ time Tuesday. From delivery to dine-in, people were looking to get their pizzas, wings and subs.

"We have the bulk product where you can get a lot for less and it feeds more than one person,” said Paul Lovezzola, owner of Lovezzola’s Pizza Family Restaurant. “So that’s what they do.”

They spent the day preparing to go orders from sub platters for large parties to personalized pizzas. They do the hard work so you don’t have too.

“There’s a multitude of things that happen here,” said Lovezzola. “People don’t see a lot, but there’s a lot going out the back door and a lot coming in the front door and it’s all day long.”

But it’s not just Lovezolla’s that gets busy on Christmas Eve. Shelly is a food delivery driver for an app ordering services and says she’s been busy all day. She was shocked at how many people had her idea of getting someone else to cook for them.

“I just figured that people would be out shopping and you know getting their food while they are out, but no a lot of people are at home ordering food,” said Shelly Hawkins.

While there are a lot of busy businesses today, most say they will get a break on Wednesday. For the Lovezzola’s Christmas is just one of four days they shut down the family business to be with, well, the family and they say after the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve they need it!

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