Flood waters receding in Richmond Hill after rain

Flood waters receding in Richmond Hill after rain

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Flood water were meeting many South Bryan County residents right at their front door, cars even submerged, on Monday. However Tuesday it’s a different scene.

After the storm certainly comes sunshine and Monday you couldn’t go far without tall rainboots, but Tuesday is a totally different story for the Leggett family and for their animals.

Just 24 hours ago, Nancy Leggett was dealing with much bigger problems than she intended to, the rain forcing her animals out of her backyard.

Fast forward and now she’s a much happier Bryan County resident.

“As soon as that water started leaving it allowed the water in those ponds over there to start going down which allowed our water to start moving, so thankfully as you can well see we are appreciating it absolutely.”

With her property being the lowest, she receives everyone else’s runoff water..she says the widening project on Highway 144 makes it worse when it rains.

“This is the way it’s supposed to work and it’s just like told you before I’m not sure if they even, when they designed that road, or they went through the process, I’m not sure if they took into consideration that what they did at 144 and Rabbit Hill was even going to impact what we have down here.”

Something Bryan County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carter Infinger says they were monitoring closely.

“We monitored the storm coming in and we were on top of it yesterday morning early we got our public works guys on it, our engineer he coordinated with GDOT to get the water away from the areas that were flooding,” said Carter Infinger, Bryan County Commission Chairman.

He says with the high tide being about 8 feet above normal, it pushed the water much further making it hard to drain.

“I feel sorry for them, I mean if there’s ever an emergency and somebody feels unsafe they can always call again we didn’t get one call about any emergency situation and we monitor that and I mean if you’re in an area that’s prone to flooding the people know where they live if they’re prone to flooding and I mean they kind of have to prepare for that especially with a high tide here pushing the water in," he said.

The county says its already made a plan to solve some of the issues.

“When the water recedes and dries up we’ll get in there and scrap those roads and pull those ditches and make sure we get that corrected.”

For Leggett and her animals, they will be able to host their family for the holidays after all.

“I’ll have family coming down tomorrow, thankfully we won’t have the water to deal with but they’re going to have the mud.”

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