GSP on holiday travel safety

GSP on holiday travel safety

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - If you’re getting on the road now or later tonight, you won’t be the only one.

Georgia State Patrol expects traffic to get heavier by the hour this afternoon and evening as people head somewhere to celebrate Christmas.

Troopers caution you to slow down, stay awake and focus on driving. Nationwide, we could see more than 115 million people on the roads over this holiday period. Troopers urge drivers to obey the laws on the road, but also be especially careful in places where the roads are a work in progress.

Predictions say this could be the busiest Christmas for travel in 20 years. Two thirds of the people traveling will be in their car. Sgt. Chris Rodewolt figures they’ll see crashes - even the fender bender kind here on Christmas Eve as people get on the road or run around town on last minute errands.

“Everybody’s preoccupied. Their minds are in other places. They’re not paying attention to what they’re doing when they’re driving,” said Sgt. Chris Rodewolt.

He says they’re already seeing crashes on a daily basis on Highway 67 in the 13 mile construction zone between Statesboro and the interstate. He cautions drivers - whether they’re visiting somewhere out of town or just driving around where they live - be cautious in areas like this. Speeding or distracted driving could leave you running out of road and landing in danger.

“A lot of the turnoffs are not marked as clearly as they were before. So people are slowing down to look for the turnoffs. So we want people to slow down in these construction zones whether workers are present or not,” said Rodewolt.

He says drivers should give themselves time to get where they’re going tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday - the day they expect to be the busiest day on the highways for the whole holiday season.

Sgt. Rodewolt also offered a warning. You’ll see even more troopers on Interstate 16 and parts of 95 through the weekend. A group of Troopers from the Night Hawks unit will be patrolling from from Chatham County to Bulloch County. So he advises everybody to drive sober, stay alert and drive the speed limit.

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