Union Mission facing big repairs after two incidents of vandalism

Union Mission facing big repairs after two incidents of vandalism

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - They are known for helping others, but now need some help of their own. Union Mission has had two incidents of vandalism at the Grace House in just a week. These things were unbudgeted and certainly unexpected.

The expenses can pile up this time of year, but for Union Mission they have no control over some new repairs that are needed.

“It’s a little jarring and unsettling,” said Patricia Youngquist, executive director at Union Mission.

In one week the mission was vandalized not once, but twice. The first time it was their large passenger van. Three of the four tires were slashed according to a police report. This incident put their program litter clean team at risk of being at their job on time last week. For residents like Frederick, it was maddening.

“I was very disturbed and beside me that morning,” said Frederick Hughes, a resident at Grace House. “I was very, very disturbed because I was saying how this could be for a place like this.”

He loves the mission and says it provides him hope and comfort. That’s why he was hurt again when he found out what happened to the front window and entrance.

According to a Savannah Police Report someone took a brick from outside the mission and threw it through their window. The entire façade of glass shattered and will need to be replaced, but that estimate isn’t available until after the holiday. Until then they have boarded it up and must avoid using the front portion of their space.

“It was fairly disruptive to say the least,” said Youngquist. “But what do here we just adjust, and we move on. We have great staff here who of course rise to the occasion.”

In spite of their broken window, Union Mission served 300 meals and handed out hundreds of gifts Monday. They say they can’t stop serving because of these unfortunate events, instead they must press on. They even have a message for whomever put them in this spot.

“This person or people that did these acts of vandalism are hurting people and we’re about helping hurting people,” said Patricia Youngquist, Union Mission Executive Director. “So, we just hope for the best for that individual that they get to a better place and we just continue to help our clients.”

If you know anything about either the window or tire incident you are asked to call the Savannah Police Department.

If you want to help Union Mission make the repairs they need or support their service in our community, you can donate on their website.

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