Baby suffocates on Christmas Eve after rolling into plastic bag in Houston

HOUSTON (KPRC/CNN) - Authorities in Houston are investigating an apparent accident that left a 3-month-old baby dead after he rolled facedown onto a plastic bag in the middle of the night.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says the Christmas Eve incident that resulted in the suffocation of a 3-month-old boy appears to have been an accident.

“You hate to see these types of tragedies,” Gonzalez said. “It shouldn’t happen on Christmas Eve. It should never happen.”

According to investigators, the baby’s grandmother was in charge of caring for him while his mother was working overnight. The grandmother put the 3-month-old to sleep in the living room of the family’s Houston home.

"There’s some hardwood floors there, and the child would not move very much. She eventually went to sleep some time around midnight,” Gonzalez said.

Authorities say one of the other family members inside the home then took the baby and placed him on a mattress in a bedroom. Somehow, the child rolled off and landed facedown in a plastic bag, which apparently suffocated him.

"It’s kind of devastating for anybody to lose their life, especially a baby, and then a holiday and a young mother - worst nightmare,” neighbor Julie Hernandez said.

Gonzalez says the baby’s autopsy will give investigators a better picture of what unfolded and how the infant lost his life. They are working to determine whether anyone should be charged in connection with his death.

"We conduct a very thorough investigation any time anyone is found deceased but especially a small child,” Gonzalez said. “It’s our job to seek the truth, and we’ll see where the evidence leads us.”

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Posted by Ed Gonzalez on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

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