Dealing with holiday grief

Dealing with holiday grief

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Many of us are spending the holidays with family and friends. However, some out there are dealing with the loss of a loved one, making it a difficult time.

If you visit some of the cemeteries in Hinesville, you’ll soon realize many people are spending this holiday without loved ones. Fresh flowers placed on many of the gravestones out here, even notes to those who have passed. Some that I spoke to say visiting the cemetery is a way to deal with the grief.

“When you’ve had 'em all your life, and now all of a sudden that’s taken away from you," said Willie Collins.

For some, the holidays are the best time of year. For Willie Collins, it’s probably the hardest.

“My dad died December 2017.”

And less than two years after...

“My mom died this year, July 29.”

It’s Collins’s first Christmas without both his parents physically. But that’s why spending the holiday at the cemetery helps him, because spiritually, he knows they’re right beside him.

“I feel the same presence of love that I felt before they got here. That never stops through death.”

The holidays are tough, but as Collins cleans his parents’ gravesites, there’s also a sense of relief.

“I know they are at peace because they made the decisions that they wanted to make, and I know they don’t have any regrets for that.”

Collins knows he’s not the only one dealing with holiday grief, and hopes others don’t allow the loss to trouble them. Just remember...

“The love continues on, even at this point.”

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