Local artist delivers Christmas wish to 9-year-old

Local artist delivers Christmas wish to 9-year-old

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - For 9-year-old Michael his dog, Tido, was his best friend. But earlier this year, Tido passed away and for Christmas Michael was asking Santa for a new dog, but Santa wasn’t going to be able to make this happen.

Michael came to terms with knowing that he couldn’t get a dog, so he wrote a special letter to Santa asking him for something else. That item was checked off his list by one local elf who wanted to spread some Christmas magic.

“He said ‘I’m going to write an emergency letter to Santa. I need him to know that I need something to remember my dog by,’” said Patty Short.

Patty Short’s son Michael loved his best friend Tido. Tido was the family dog for 15 years and over 9 years built a special bond with Michael.

“Tido would go up the stairs and he would sniff at the door of his room and he would go into his room, circle the bed, make sure Michael was o.k. and then finally he could relax,” said Short.

In February, however, Michael’s companion passed away. Of the many things on Michael’s Christmas list this year, one thing wasn’t feasible. A new family dog.

“He said, ‘mom I’ve been really good this year, Santa is going to bring me a dog.’ We said, 'it doesn’t work like that buddy. Santa doesn’t bring animals it’s too hard on the sleigh with all of the animals.”

Michael broke down and decided to write this emergency letter to Santa.

“It says, ‘Dear Santa, I know you do not have the power to grant my wish, but can you send something to let me see Tido more? Love, Michael.’”

Short knew the elves were busy just days away from Christmas, but she thought she’d reach out to them on Facebook and ask if his wish would could be granted.

“So many people reaching out and telling me all of the different types of things they could do for my son right away and that for us was so overwhelmingly amazing for us to hear.”

Some of the elves said they could make ornaments, rock paintings, steel silhouette sculptures, paintings and more. Within 45 minutes Short had a painting in her hands.

“When she handed this to me I completely teared up.”

The elf, who goes by Lindsey Spears of PaintingsNStuff said it brought her so much joy to know she could “add a little Santa Christmas magic to his Christmas Day.”

“This is something that’s going to be just for him that he can have always and I think for a kid, especially at Christmas, that’s that magic that we all need.”

Short says she’s so thankful for the outpouring of love and support the local “elf” community showed for her son and his Christmas wish.

Michael received his special gift from Santa to remember Tido by on Christmas morning and his mom shared pictures of him hugging his new picture.

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