Christmas Day movie trip a tradition for some families

A Christmas tradition at the movies

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - There aren’t very many businesses open on Christmas Day, but that means the ones that are see a huge crowd.

One of those places is the movie theater and because of that it has become a tradition for several families. They step away from the craziness of Christmas and into a movie.

“She gets a break on Christmas Day of taking care of everybody and here I get a chance to take them out,” said Scott Marihugh of his wife, Jo Beth and kids.

For some families this tradition of a Christmas Day movie started on a whim.

“It started out as we were tired of the turkey and the dressing and the ham,” said Richele Redding alongside her husband Curtis. “And it’s just something different to do so we decided to go see a movie. And on the way home from the movie we thought well waffle house is open we’re hungry let’s eat and then it just became an every year thing.”

Leaders at Pooler Stadium Cinemas say Christmas Day is one of their busiest of the year. They bring in extra staff and order more concessions because the show must go on.

“The energy is high and everybody comes into work ready to kind of celebrate with everybody,” said Meredith McCullough, general manager at Pooler Stadium Cinemas.

“You know, it’s a big day and I think it’s really an honor for our staff to be a part of it because it’s such a big tradition for so many people and we’re here to help!”

They were busy all night with 34 showings of 12 different movies. From concessions to tickets staff worked non-stop to make sure all could enjoy their holiday. And for those trying to get away from it all, it’s no surprise the most popular ticket this Christmas took them to a galaxy far, far away.

“I came to see the new Star Wars movie,” said Charna Katz, a SCAD student out to the movies. “Star Wars is a big deal in my family and it’s a big deal to my friends so of course I decided to come and see it on Christmas.”

While the lines were full, families say they didn’t skip out on their Christmas celebration, but instead added to it.

“We opened presents,” said Amiyah Michaels, at the movies Wednesday with her family. “It was really fun and then we were deciding to come to the movies to have like a movie night.”

It’s something they suggest for others, because nothing beats kicking back and relaxing together.

“I think the biggest thing is family together,” said Stephania Whitehurst. “And then family together usually around a TV is kind of fun, but really wild when you have the big screen and you get to watch the newest movies out.”

Although Christmas can be crazy at the movies the staff say they have to be ready again for the 26th because they have another day full of movies for families to enjoy.

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