GSP warns drivers to be safe on the roads as they head back home

GSP warns drivers to be safe on the roads as they head back home

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Millions across the country are returning home Thursday from their holiday destinations.

Triple-A says it will be a record-setting holiday travel season in general. Many expect traffic to get even heavier as the night goes on as so many people run out of holiday and have to get back home and back to work.

Traffic picked up through the afternoon and gas stations like Clifton’s filled with cars making their pit stop to get back on the road. Some travelers say they started early to avoid the later traffic.

“Definitely I think it’s always an advantage to get out as early as you can,” said Patty Briseno who is traveling to Savannah.

Traffic seemed equally split between east bound and west bound lanes. State troopers say they’ll be on the roads too, watching how safely you drive.

“We’re looking for people who’re violating the law, not paying attention, speeding, following too closely, distracted drivers, things like this,” said Post 45 Commander Sgt. Chris Rodewolt.

He urges drivers to focus on their driving, but also look out for cars nearby whose drivers might not be so focused. Talking to Patty midday, she said things had not been so bad.

“It’s been beautiful. We stopped to eat, everybody’s friendly. Nobody seems rushed,” she said.

Troopers caution the rush will mount as afternoon turns to night and people have to be home to go back to work on Friday.

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