How to return a gift that was bought online

How to return a gift that was bought online

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It happens every year after Christmas. People start to return unwanted gifts. Whether it’s a sweater that doesn’t fit or a movie you already own, big retailers are ready to exchange it.

But how do you return a gift that was bought online?

Amazon says it had a “record-breaking” holiday season. The company said in a statement “Billions of items were ordered worldwide and tens of millions of Amazon Devices were purchased worldwide”

That means, for a lot of people, returning a gift purchased online isn’t as simple as returning it to a store.

Maybe not the store of the products origin, but UPS Stores like this one and Kohls department stores are allowing you to bring in returns that you originally received via Amazon.

“Just come in here, we scan it, you’ll be in and out literally as you have seen five seconds maybe,” said UPS store owner Jon Boothe.

Boothe owns the UPS Store on Wilmington Island. For those wanting to bring in the holiday returns, he recommends finding the email with return information which includes the QR code, and get the items ready to go.

Boothe welcomes the online returns, because it creates a little more foot traffic for his store.

“Our hope of course is, other than taking care of their drop-off, of Amazon return, is they’ll either have another package they need to ship or perhaps purchase something else in the store. Or learn other things that we do.”

In the short time we were in the store, there were nearly a dozen online purchases returned.

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