Owners of Kevin Barry’s react to the Irish Pub’s closure

Kevin Barry’s to close its doors

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Night Flight, Hearn’s, Bullfrog Springer’s, the list is growing of establishments on River Street that closed over the years.

Kevin Barry’s is about to join that list, as the lease is not being renewed at the long time Irish Pub on River Street.

Kevin Barry’s will close it’s doors for the final time when the party ends this New Year’s Eve. It’s been a staple on River Street’s west end since it first opened on Halloween back in 1980.

“What are your overall feelings, now that Kevin Barry’s is coming to an end,” asked our Ken Griner.

“I’m sorry for it and all, but everything comes to an end Ken, even us, but it’s o.k., I just ran out of lease, and these people were good to me here, and it’s their building,” said Kevin Berry’s owner Vic Power.

“We had a great run, 39 years and change. I’m just out of lease and that’s how things happen.”

Power says the second day open also was the 60th anniversary of the hanging of it’s namesake, Irish Martyr Kevin Barry. Power is a New York native that loved Savannah, loved his Irish Pub, but he also took great pride in his Hall of Heroes upstairs.

“I love the country, I love the military, the first responders, without them, we wouldn’t have a country. My feeling, all gave some and some gave all. I’ve been friends with the Rangers, 3rd ID, The Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, I love them all, without them, no U.S. of A.”

Power says everything will go back to an appropriate place, including the pictures of the fallen being returned to the Gold Star families. For now, the Hall of Heroes, the Irish Pub, and it’s faithful patrons, will end a nearly four decade run.

“What are you going to miss the most,” we asked Powers.

“The whole thing, the Irish part was great, the American part was great, I love it all.”

Power wants everyone to know that this is just a case of the lease running out, saying the hotel people were good to him, as he was able to stay on for five years since they bought the property.

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