Woman makes gift bags for Savannah nursing home residents

Woman makes gift bags for Savannah nursing home residents

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A local 26-year-old spent her Christmas morning making sure no one was alone.

Charmele Thomas went to the Riverview Apartments to make sure everyone had someone this Christmas. She says she noticed many people were alone when she visited her Grandmother. Deciding to change that, she made 110 gift bags for the residents of Riverview Nursing Home.

“We got some tissue which is something they really love, we have word searches, we have a card that I actually wrote in,” she said.

All to make them feel loved.

“So I’m going to be going to different nursing homes and helping the people around me and i chose to do it because of my grandma because she was a really sweet big hearted person!”

Some residents were brought to tears.

“It’s so nice for people to send things to people that don’t ordinarily get stuff,” said Caroline McGowan, resident.

Charmele says she plans on turning this event into a consistent project, titled Truckies Truckers, after her grandmother.

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