Workers collecting trash after Christmas

Workers collecting trash after Christmas

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - After unwrapping gifts and hosting holiday parties, it’s time to take out the trash.

Many solid waste centers see an increase in trash after the holidays.

Johnny Schaadt, the operations manager, says it’s the department’s busiest day of the year, but it’s nothing they can’t handle.

“I increase staff on the convenience center workers to help with that influx of trash coming in,” he said.

He isn’t wrong, residents were dropping off bags of trash all day at the centers. One dumpster was emptied and compacted. After an hour, a worker had to come back to compact the new load of trash.

Schaadt says he isn’t just using extra manpower to get the job done.

Here in Liberty County, residents will drop their trash off at one of several convenience centers. Due to the increase in trash Thursday, the county is using a tool called a PackMat, twice as more than usual.

The PakMat essentially rolls back and forth on the trash and flattens it, so there’s more space in the dumpster, so residents can keep tossing their trash and garbage trucks can avoid several trips.

The county also offers recycling centers, which fill up during the holidays. If you plan to recycle, workers ask you recycle properly.

A common mistake, recycling wrapping paper and cards. The glitter or paints used on it can contaminate a load.

“If there’s just too much of it in the load, then it messes up the whole batch,” said Kathy Poole with Liberty County Public Solid Waste.

As people throw their trash out over the next few days, Solid Waste staff recommend checking with your local waste department on the do’s and don’ts.

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