Altamaha River residents watching riverbanks as rain causes it to rise

Altamaha River residents watching riverbanks as rain causes it to rise

ALTAMAHA RIVER, Ga. (WTOC) - The rain we’ve gotten has several rivers higher than usual and some neighbors concerned. On the Altamaha River, it has people watching their river banks and upstream.

For folks at Gray’s Landing, flood stages are more than just numbers on a map.

Roxy Burnett looked at her parents’ back yard to see how far the water’s risen since Thursday. Even with most homes built on stilts, they monitor the river levels. She says the river may be at crest stage, she’s anxious to see when it starts to drop. Three years ago, the Altamaha rose four feet higher than this.

“Four more feet and it’s up in my yard and I’m chest deep in water right now. So that’s a big deal,” she said.

She and others here worry about water levels at Lake Sinclair and Lake Oconee, where they release water downstream to relieve their own flooding, but send several feet of water this way.

“It’s going to come up about another foot, then start coming down. But if they open the flood gates, we could be in trouble. But right now, we’re not in trouble,” siad Vickey Horton, Benton Lee’s Steakhouse.

The high water drew Sammy Miller and his boat. While it’s too high to fish, he likes riding the river when he doesn’t have to worry about what’s on the bottom.

“You don’t to get out there 'cause it’s mighty dangerous when its real full. I’ve seen it up in that building before,” he said.

People here say they’ll keep watching the water and hoping for it to drop.

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