Developments in the Starland District on the rise

Developments in the Starland District on the rise

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Businesses have continued to pop up in one rapidly developing part of Savannah - the Starland District.

One of the more recent developments in that area is the opening of Starland Yard, an open-air park that offers up a pizzeria, drinks and a constant rotation of local food trucks.

The owner of Two Tides Brewing Company sits right next to Starland Yard, and right in the mix of other new business and future resident buildings. He’s expecting the economic momentum to continue in the new year.

James Massey says he feels like he hit the jackpot when he found the building that now houses his brewing company.

“It was legitimately the only place that was available for rent, and we saw a diamond in the rough, and made it happen.”

This coming March will mark two years in business for Two Tides Brewing. Massey says is seeing it’s own expansion, as well as more from surrounding businesses.

“Soon I hear the Dairy will be re-constructed into something, something fun. And again not a day goes by where I don’t hear about something new popping up.”

Massey says he sees the development of the neighborhood as positive and responsible growth, adding the residents are very vocal and involved in what's going on.

Just down Bull Street sits the $40-million Starland Village project, and across the street from that a row of new restaurants, already opened or nearing a grand opening.

“Hopefully with more places like us, Starland Yard popping up, you’ll see more foot traffic, become safer, people want to walk around. It’s just a positive overall thing.”

Tweaking parking limits in areas is an ongoing task for the neighborhood association here, as they continue to see more traffic coming in to take advantage of the new business.

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