A unique Christmas delivery brings a sweet baby boy

A unique Christmas delivery brings a sweet baby boy

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - On Christmas Day many celebrate a baby born in a manger, but one family this year is celebrating a baby born near Old River Road.

Off I-16, near Old River Road, Tori got a special Christmas delivery a bit earlier than she planned. Her present, a baby boy.

“I’m still in shock,” said Tori Edwards who gave birth on the side of the road Christmas morning. “I still can’t believe what I went through with him.”

It’s a pretty crazy story. After several false alarm labors, Tori started having contractions at 1:00 Christmas morning. After being told to wait it out, she finally decided it was too much.

Her sister Heather began to drive her to Candler Hospital, but the baby was coming and fast. Her sister, a nurse, knew they didn’t have what was needed.

“Keep your legs together, there’s nothing in here but a razor knife,” joked Heather Gaddis, Tori’s sister, as she remembered their interaction that night. “So she’s laughing she’s like I’m not kidding… She’s like I got to push. I said don’t you push!”

Heather called 911 and Bryan County Emergency Services came quickly.

“They got me into the ambulance, we started driving and everything just started happening so quickly,” recalled Tori Edwards.

Heather made the call at 3:21 a.m. and records show that Elliot was born about ten minutes later. It happened so quickly Heather drove to the hospital not knowing her nephew was already born.

“He looks at me (a hospital employee) he goes nobody’s told you yet,” explained Gaddis. “I was like no what? He was like we already had a baby.”

Elliot James Edwards was born at 6 pounds 8 ounces and is doing well alongside his mom now in the comfort of Candler Hospital.

“(I’m) good now that it’s over and I have him,” said Edwards. “He’s my little Christmas miracle.”

While she’s glad to have Elliot, she wouldn’t choose their delivery method again. She knows because of his dramatic entrance life with him is sure to be full of twists and turns. They have big hopes for their little bundle of joy.

“We’re going to watch him grow into a healthy young man and watch him graduate and go on and have big dreams,” said Heather Gaddis. “Maybe he’ll want to be a firefighter, you never know.”

But before that he’s still got to meet his big sisters, who had a delayed Christmas because of his presence.

Tori and Heather both say they are so grateful for Bryan County Emergency Services. They plan to have them over to meet Elliot soon only this time without the lights and sirens.

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