Savannah residents celebrate third night of Kwanzaa

Savannah residents celebrate third night of Kwanzaa

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -This Saturday was more than just a weekend night. It was also the third night of Kwanzaa. Savannah residents gathered to learn about African American culture and heritage.

“Ujima” was the focus of Saturday’s celebration because it’s the principle for the third day. Ujima stands for collective work and responsibility.

Kwanzaa celebrates African-Americans from December 26 to January 1. Each of the seven days honors a different principle. Some of the principles include unity, self-determination, purpose, and creativity.

Those who helped put on the event say it’s ideal for these principles to be practiced throughout the whole year. Several local leaders joined in the celebration including newly elected Savannah alderman, Kesha Gibson Carter.

Those who spoke say it’s important for adults and the youth to understand their own culture because it gives you a sense of self and understanding of where you come from.

“It’s important, especially for our young people, because we have to share with them and tell them the history," said Dorothy Cohen, Director of Kwanzaa Savannah. "If we don’t share the history with them, the history will die.”

“On this day we like to celebrate our music, our heritage, our style, the things that we eat, the things that we do in the community and just us coming together,” said Reggie Owens, the Vice President of Kwanzaa Savannah.

Owens says on the last day, which is Imani, meaning faith, they will celebrate with a feast.

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