Community helps Brunswick couple with home remodel

Community helps Brunswick couple with home remodel

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WTOC) - A Brunswick couple’s bathroom renovation transformed into something special for one Wayne County contractor.

Donovan Lucero saw the couple was in need of a little more than a remodel.

In sickness, and in health Marsha and Fred Seppala have been by one another’s side for 25 years.

It’s been more than 10 years since Fred was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and only three months since Marsha started chemotherapy for breast cancer.

“I think the treatment is very effective, so I have good hopes that maybe, you know, the surgery won’t be as extensive as they first thought,” said Marsha.

While Marsha fights her cancer, she’s also watching her husband who needs around-the-clock care.​ He isn’t mobile, making daily tasks a challenge - showering being one of them.​

Even with a handicapped shower seat, Marsha struggled.

“They would have to flip his legs over the bathtub to get him in.”

Marsha decided it was time for a change and reached out to Fred’s hospice worker for help.

“She gave me his name and number, and I called him.”

And made a phone call that changed her life.

“I had people calling me a hero. I’m not a hero. I’m just a guy doing the right thing," said Donovan Lucero, Community Fundraiser Organizer.

Donovan Lucero owns Lucero Flooring in Wayne County, and was hired to remodel the Seppala’s bathroom.

“I wanted to see just what I could pull together to help them out in their situation," he said.

Lucero pulled off a huge community fundraiser on Facebook with more than $7,000 donated.

Local suppliers offered free material. Contractors volunteered their time.

“What you hear and what you see on social media are not always true. There’s a lot of good people who still love one another, and still work hard and still want to help people,” said Square One Construction owner Terry Proctor.

An almost $10,000 project now free of charge.

“Nobody has ever done anything like that before for me," said Marsha.

A bathroom truly being built by a community.

The bathroom renovation is expected to take two weeks, and Donovan says he’ll share progress pictures on his work Facebook page.

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