Bryan Co. first responders meet baby delivered on Christmas

Bryan Co. first responders meet baby delivered on Christmas

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s a reunion unlike most.

Elliot Edwards is just five days old and was born on Old River Road thanks to Bryan County Emergency Services on Christmas Day.

Those first reponders got a chance Monday to see the fruits of their labor and meet their Christmas delivery.

All Bryan County Emergency Services had to deliver Elliot was an ambulance, a bag of equipment and some knowledge. Their meeting on Christmas Day wasn't planned, but Monday they were introduced for the first official time.

"It's awesome,” said Paramedic Travis Weiland, Bryan County Emergency Services. “We very rarely ever get to meet our patients afterwards, but to meet our Christmas Baby that we got to help deliver is just, we're very excited."

Travis and Greg got the call early Christmas morning to aid a mother in labor. When they got to Tori Edwards and her sister Heather Gaddis on Old River Road near I-16 they realized the baby was coming fast. For EMT Greg Britz this would be his first delivery.

"This was an all-new experience for me,” said EMT Greg Britz, Bryan County Emergency Services “I've been trained on how to do it in school and everything, but that and then actually doing it is two completely different scenarios."

But it wasn't Weiland’s first time delivering a baby, or even his first Christmas Day baby. With his experience he coached the team and together they delivered a healthy baby boy Elliot Edwards. He and mom are doing well now and are grateful for these first responders.

"Thank you guys for all you did,” said Tori Edwards, Elliot’s mom. “I couldn't imagine doing all of this alone."

After holding the baby and taking a few pictures it was back to work for this crew knowing what they do makes a difference especially to this special Christmas delivery.

Elliot wasn’t actually due until New Year’s Day, but his mom says she sure is glad to celebrate 2020 alongside her week-old son.

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