Fans excited on the eve of the Sugar Bowl

Fans excited on the eve of the Sugar Bowl

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WTOC) - Thousands of Georgia Bulldog fans will be bringing in the New Year in New Orleans as the team plays in the Sugar Bowl Wednesday night.

Tuesday afternoon fans lined the streets of the French Quarter for the annual Sugar Bowl parade.

There was plenty of local flavor as Bulldog and Baylor Bear fans countdown to 2020 and Wednesday night’s kickoff of the big game.

The two teams held pep rallies and later on in the evening, thousands of fans will welcome 2020. Usher and Sheryl Crow will be putting on shows.

For the Dawgs, this year’s appearance comes with a little disappointment. Georgia had hopes of being in the College Football Playoff, instead, they’re here for the second consecutive year.

That said, playing in this game in this city is a pretty good consolation prize. Some fans say there was no hesitation to come to the Big Easy, even if it wasn’t the top destination at the beginning of the year.

“Oh yeah, we wanted to see them go all the way, but we’re here. We’re going to have fun and we’re going to win tomorrow,” said Heidi Miller, Georgia fan from Jacksonville, Fla.

“I think everybody wanted the season to turn out a little bit differently. The Sugar Bowl has always been a big deal. Georgia, it’s not their first rodeo here. I’ve always wanted to be in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve, so it just works out perfect,” said Katie Sheffield, Georgia fan from Valdosta.

“If you’re a true dawg, you have to go with your team and support them all the way through. We’re behind the dawgs, win or lose, and we’re going to support the dawgs. So we came back and we’re looking for a win in the Sugar Bowl this year,” said Jason Morris, Georgia fan from Tifton.

That’s the sentiment of just about every Georgia fan here for this game, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there a whole lot of Baylor fans here.

There’s much more green and gold around than red and black as the Bears are making their first appearance here since 1957.

Should be a lot of fan to see these two fan bases cheer on their teams Wednesday night inside the Super Dome.

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