Local firm offers full range of accounting needs

James Rahal and Adam Exas discuss business.
James Rahal and Adam Exas discuss business.(source: WTOC)
Updated: Dec. 31, 2019 at 10:34 AM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A Chief Financial Officer is one of the most important and most expensive positions a company has. Now, firms from New York to Miami, even overseas, now have the opportunity to find their next CFO in Savannah with the relatively new Innovative Tax and Accounting Solutions.

Among the services offered by James Rahal, CPA, and Adam Exas, an entrepreneur and financial consultant, is to work as an outsourced CFO. They handle finances remotely for small and large companies on a contract basis, saving those companies a large salary and other employee expenses

They are using new technology and developing personal relationships with each company, working to offer a new type of client relationship and a new type of business.

“When we say we’re not you’re grandfather’s accounting firm, we’re not in the sense that we don’t just do you books and your taxes, we try to do everything,” said Rahal.

“We position ourselves as trusted advisors as opposed to that basic level of accounting that exists, which feels a little dated. We both bring something very different to our clients in a way of being able to help them and guide them both on the accounting side and the operations side of their business. And any type of financial function that would have any type of ramification on their professional life and their personal life,” said Exas. “Yeah, and we try to take the emotion out of everything as well. Because when you’re running a business, it’s emotional Sometimes we don’t make people feel good about themselves. But I tell people if they want to feel good, go buy a puppy.”

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