TMT Farms wraps month long food drive

TMT Farms wraps month long food drive

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Sunday night wrapped up one Bulloch County family’s month-long drive-through Christmas light display. It also ended one of the community’s largest drives to help feed the needy.

The Christmas lights of TMT Farms drew visitors for their final night of the year Sunday and people brought food donations to help the needy. The Thompson family that hosts the display says they collect but don’t really measure what people bring.

“We really don’t know how much we’ve collected. We find out when John Long weighs it when he gets back there every morning,” said Roy Thompson.

Those donations come to Christian Social Ministries and their food pantry. Director John Long says they picked up 67,000 pounds of canned goods to go into their inventory.

“I keep an accurate count because I weigh each barrel when it comes in and at the end of the day, I know exactly how many pounds we have every day,” said Long.

Thirty plus tons sounds like a lot. But doing the math, it’s only about a third of what they distribute each year.

Long says they stretch these donations with the fresh meats and other bulk food they receive to last about nine months. He is still amazed how it comes in just a few at a time from the 40,000 cars that ride through the Christmas display.

“You take all those small bags of food that are donated and it equals up to so much,” said Long.

He’s grateful the Thompson’s go to so much trouble to brighten the holidays.

That Christmas display takes the Thompson the entire Fall to set up and about two and a half weeks to take down and store the decorations for next year.

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