Emancipation Proclamation celebration at St. Philip AME Church

Emancipation Proclamation celebration at St. Philip AME Church

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - “How many are blessed to be in this 157th celebration of the signing of the emancipation proclamation.”

And with that, a special worship service got underway Wednesday morning at St. Philip AME Church in Savannah. The focus was to celebrate President Abraham Lincoln's edict on Jan. 1 of 1863 that aimed to free all slaves held in confederate states.

The congregation paid homage to the event through singing, prayer, and by listening to special guest speaker Dekalb CEO Michael Thurmond.

A full service meant to reflect on the past while hoping to build a better future.

"There's so many things to celebrate with New Years, and we talk about making New Year’s resolutions, and many times when we talk about our plans and our goals, we also have to remember our history and the reason why we have goals and are able to have the freedom to make our goals and to achieve those things that we dream about,” St. Philip AME Senior Pastor Jai Haithco said.

Along with the celebration they took time to also recognize the efforts and contributions of two members of their congregation.

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