Family goes home after nearly 100 days in Memorial Health’s NICU

Family goes home after nearly 100 days in Memorial Health’s NICU

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Drew Powell was born back in September at just 25 weeks old. After nearly 100 days in the hospital, she finally gets to go home with her whole family.

It’s a walk the Powell’s have made hundreds of times, through the hall of Memorial Health to the NICU.

"It seemed like every two steps forward we took a step back,” said Lindsey Powell, Drew’s mom.

They spent the past 96 days at the hospital beside Drew. But before that they were here for Leonidas (Leo.) He was born at 27 weeks and spend 59 days in the hospital last year. Lindsey says while she walked this road before, it was still scary to know she would have a second premature baby.

“With him I was like okay this is what we have to do like totally fine and with her it was definitely kind of like it’s all happening again,” recalled Lindsey.

Together the Powell’s powered through and followed every doctor’s order to get their babies strong and healthy. Jordan says they did it as a team, juggling schedules, and supporting each other.

"The ‘I love you’s’ and the hugs and just the little stuff to start the day off right,” said Jordan Powell of what helped the couple get through the tough days. “And then you just are ready for whatever after that and knowing you’re there for each other.”

Drew is now three months old and strong. She’s a fighter who has passed all her tests just like her big brother did last year.

"It’s pretty cool to know that she is going to be resilient,” said Lindsey. “But also terrifying because I know that both of them are going to be very head strong because they had to be headstrong day one.”

Not only are Drew and Leo fighters, but their parents too. After back-to-back years of Christmas in the hospital, the family finally got to go home and just in time for the new year.

“It’s going to be fun, I’m ready,” said Dad Jordan. “I’m excited.”

As they left Memorial Health Tuesday, they couldn’t wait to get some family time in at home. The first thing they wanted to do?

“Sit down on the couch and see what he’s (Leo’s) going to think about her,” said Lindsey. “And just get him introduced to each other which I guess is kind of happening right now.”

The Powell’s say they will be able to watch the new year come in as Drew is scheduled to eat right at midnight. Their resolutions are to stay happy, healthy and keep growing strong!

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