Pre-game questions focus off-field ahead of Sugar Bowl

Pre-game questions focus off-field ahead of Sugar Bowl
Kirby Smart and Matt Rhule speak ahead of a pre-game press conference. (Source: WTOC)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WTOC) -The Georgia Bulldogs will face off against the Baylor Bears on Wednesday evening in the Sugar Bowl. As two of the nation’s best college football defenses face-off in one of the biggest bowl games, questions are focusing more on what’s happening off of the field.

When Baylor head coach Matt Rhule spoke with media, three of the first four questions he got were about his reported connection to several open NFL jobs.

Georgia’s Kirby Smart has dealt with his team’s own off the field concerns, as more than a dozen Bulldog players didn’t make the trip to New Orleans this week.

Smart was also asked about any thoughts he’s had about an NFL job of his own. His response?

“I haven’t had those aspirations," Smart said. " I coached in the NFL. I’ve been there. I think it’s a wonderful league. But the passion I have for college football is the fact that you get to have a deeper relationship with these players. you grow to know these young men. You go in their homes. You promise their parents they’re going to get their education. You get to watch them walk across the stage graduating. I get satisfaction out of having those relationships and having those kids come back. I think it’s tougher in the NFL.”

The game starts sharp at 8:45 p.m. Wednesday night. For Georgia, it’s a chance at a fifth Sugar Bowl victory all time. For Baylor, it’s the Bears’ first appearance in this game since 1957.

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