Active shooter drill held at Wayne County High School

Active shooter drill held at Wayne County High School

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s a situation no school wants to be in, but teachers and staff must be prepared for it.

"In today's society, we have to be prepared and the only way you can get prepared is to drill,” Wayne County High School teacher Debbie Stephens.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office and other local law enforcement agencies led an active shooter drill at Wayne County High School on Thursday.

"You run if you can. You hide if you can't, and then be prepared to fight,” Wayne County Sheriff John Carter said.

More than 500 teachers had to make a choice in this training scenario, as two active shooters stormed through the building.

Stephens chose to hide her classroom in a closet.

"My number one priority is to make sure my students are safe,” Stephens said.

Many teachers blocked their doors with bookshelves and covered the windows.

"You cannot see in and it kind of barricades it."

The drill included some students, role playing as children banging on a closed door to get to safety. But teachers made the hard choice of not letting that child in.

"Everything is chaos. We do not know who is who, or that student may be one of the ones who are trying to hurt other students."

Once the drill ended, law enforcement and school administrators went over what worked and what needs more improvement.

In that debriefing, many administrators suggested to law enforcement that they’d like to see a similar drill at all the Wayne County schools. Every school has a different layout, so administrators want to make sure every teacher, every school is prepared for an active shooter situation.

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