Good News: Keeping the holiday spirit going

Good News: Keeping the holiday spirit going

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A new year is a good time to adopt a new attitude.

The countdown has come and gone. But there’s no reason to stop counting now.

“It’s a good time to remind yourself to keep it going,” said Michelle Morton from Houston.

“Doesn’t everyone try the New Year’s resolutions and try to start the year off with a bang,” said Kelly Fisher from Charlotte.

As a new year arrives, the holidays officially come to an end. But wouldn’t it be great to keep it going this year? Not necessarily the celebrations of the last two weeks, but the spirit of the season.

“It feels so far away now for the next one, for the next holiday season. But there’s always holidays coming up, I kind of blow them off. But this doesn’t have to be the only holiday that’s a good time,” said Hailey Parsons from Boston.

“I feel like it’s always a good time to be optimistic,” said SCAD student Maya Peleg.

When the decorations come down and the holiday music stops, preserving the feeling of the last few weeks becomes a personal endeavor. But it can begin somewhere else.

“Just kindness toward others. If you’re nice to someone else, hopefully that spreads and keeps it going,” said Fisher.

“It’s just a spirit, man, how you treat other people,” said Bader Arman from Atlanta.

And a spirit worth keeping going to make the new year a promising year.

“There’s plenty to be hopeful for. Good health, good fortune, good family and just being with people you care about,” said Joe Szwelniss from Pittsburgh.

“I really hope this is a good year. we’e had some rough years and so we’re excited for a fresh start and hoping it’s going to be the best year ever,” said Fisher.

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