Humane Society of Greater Savannah finds home for 2,300 pets

Humane Society of Greater Savannah finds home for 2,300 pets

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - 2019 was a big year for the Humane Society of Greater Savannah. They are celebrating more than 2,300 adoptions.

That means animals got out of here, and into homes.

One of their newest programs, "Silent Nights", happened over the holidays. It allowed dogs and cats to enter foster homes and get out of the shelter.

Staff says the program was a huge success, adding nearly 50 adoptions.

"We got all of them adopted minus three that are still here at the shelter so that was very, very exciting for us and yeah it was a really, really good holiday season so it was a great way to start off the new year too,” Biz Austin, with the Humane Society of Greater Savannah, said.

As they celebrate adoptions, they are also glad no one who got a pet for the holiday brought them back the humane society. Last year, they saw several and are glad people are understanding the commitment it takes to own a pet.

They have high hopes for 2020.

"We're excited to get more adoptions, to get out in the community more. We have a ton of events planned and partnerships and we actually have some renovations going on at the shelter as well, so we have a lot going on and we're super excited."

Leaders say they want to help as many animals as possible, but they can’t do it without the community’s support.

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