Bryan County School District looking to hire more teachers

Bryan County School District looking to hire more teachers

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) -The holiday break is over for most students in the WTOC area, and many school districts, including Chatham County, will open for the second half of the academic year.

As Bryan County continues to grow, the school district is looking to hire more educators. The district has organized an interview day next month to speak with as many job candidates as they can.

When it comes to education, Richmond Hill High School Principal Debi McNeal says they’re always looking for special education, math and science teachers, but she says it’s not just about what someone brings to an interview that sways her decision.

“Sometimes what I’m looking for is not what somebody brings to the plate and it totally changes my perspective,” McNeal says.

McNeal says they’re looking for someone who’s going to come in at the high school level and make the school better.

She says as the county continues to grow and school options continue to expand, they’re constantly trying to move students and their learning comprehension forward. The school’s top priorities are finding someone who has the patience and passion for teaching.

“I need people who love children, who have a passion for helping kids learn and for taking care of them," said McNeal. "Oftentimes my best interviews you say what is a teacher and their answer is what isn’t a teacher because there’s so much that goes into being a good teacher.”

The school district will host an educator interview day on Thursday, February 13th from 4:00 to 8 p.m. The deadline to apply for the interview day is this Friday, January 10th. The district is looking for all grade levels.

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