Motivational speaker transitions from neuroscientist to author

Neuroscientist, Stand-Up Comedian, Author Dr. Brian King

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Dr. Brian King makes a living primarily as a motivational speaker.

A funny thing happened on his way to making presentations to medical companies: he went from being a neuroscientist to a stand-up comedian to an author.

“It’s a weird transition really,” said Dr. King. “[I] became a neuroscientist because I felt I needed a backup job or a backup degree if my plans to become a successful comedian didn’t work out. So, actually, getting a Ph.D. was my fallback plan."

He continues, saying “I wanted to be a comedian first, but I didn’t start comedy until I safely had my doctorate and I had worked a few years and then I said, ‘ok. now it’s about time to become a comedian.’ And after a few years of doing stand up comedy, I sort of merged the two and I became sort of the funny psychologist and I would do these seminars that would attract people, because not only was I giving information, but I was making it entertaining and amusing for people. And that really resonated and that became the next stage of my career.”

“So, The Art of Taking it Easy is my approach to how to handle stress. It’s all about stress management. I’ve been touring the country for years, telling people how to be happy, how to manage stress, and really connecting with people on many levels. So, I decided to take a lot of what I offer and write it down so I can preserve it and share it with a wider audience.”

"I’m a psychologist and I have some training and some knowledge and some expertise and that’s definitely in the book. But it’s also stories, jokes, humor, examples of how to live a stress-free life, examples of how to handle things. And all that comes from my life on the road as a performer as a comedian, doing the things that I do. So, it’s a nice mix of both. People who want information should look at a textbook. It’s not a textbook, but it has lots of information. And that information is sprinkled and colored with anecdotes and stories and all kinds of good stuff that I throw in there,

“It’s been great. I don’t know why I didn’t start comedy sooner. I should have started comedy and then gotten the Ph.D., but I went and got this education first and it just kind of delayed my progress as a comedian. I absolutely love it, I really do. It’s a good time.”

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