Flooding recedes, Bryan Co. families hoping Hwy 144 project fixes issue

Flooding recedes, Bryan Co. families hoping Hwy 144 project fixes issue

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Families in south Bryan County are in the clear of flood waters after being stuck in their homes due to recent rain.

For the Taylor’s they couldn’t even got out in their front yard at one point without water being almost up to their knees, and now they say though the rain and flooding may have stopped, their problems have not.

“There really hasn’t been any progress," said Joseph Taylor. "I still have substantial damage around my house my back fence is down, my well was compromised for roughly a week.”

Taylor describes where he and his family live as a big fishbowl when it rains. They live on Rabbit Hill Road right in the heart of the Highway 144 project.

He says three weeks ago when it rained they were forced to leave their house because their entire yard was so flooded, it came close to pouring into their house.

They moved out of their house for five days until the water was drained. They also say their water even turned brown.

“We were told because upstream there were a lot of animals involved that one of the people had their water tested and found e-coli, so we’ve been reluctant to use our water for washing dishes or clothes or drinking, so we’ve been buying the gallon jugs of water.”

When asked for a comment, the county commission said they did not have anything to add.

Georgia Department of Transportation is reassuring residents that once the Highway 144 project is done, it will help with the flooding.

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