Tracking team awarded Master Handler Certificate

Tracking team awarded Master Handler Certificate

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Deputies in Liberty County were able to find a missing girl and bring her back home safe - and it’s all thanks to the nose of a blood hound.

Charlie the Blood Hound is a tracking machine for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, Charlie and his handler Capt. Lonnie Bowman were awarded the Master Handler Certificate for their performance in finding a missing child.

“Chalie’s 7, no 6 for 7, right now on every track that we’ve placed him on, so Charlie has been quite the asset to this department already," Sheriff Steve Sikes said. "You hear a standing ovation when he walks out of the woods with a missing child or a bad guy or whatever the occasion may be.”

The sheriff also says it’s the community that came together that helped the department buy Charlie.

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