Community votes on proposals to better Beaufort High School

Community votes on proposals to better Beaufort High School

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Change could be on the way near Beaufort High School. It might include a difference in how students, buses and teachers get to school.

Residents got a chance to have their say about how to improve access to Beaufort High School. They met with the Beaufort County Engineering Division and Johnson, Mirmiran and Tompson Engineering at a public meeting Wednesday afternoon.

They voted on three different proposals the county and engineers designed.

This is just one of the three traffic improvement projects listed in the Beaufort County Penny Referendum that passed in 2018.

“We had a great turnout tonight and this project," said Robert McFee, Divison Director Engineering and Infrastructure. "We wanted to get the feedback from the community on these ideas, these concepts to see what it is they thought about those concepts so that we could take those ideas, fold them into design work and come back to them.”

A majority of residents we spoke to like design three. Engineers say this design will have the least impact on residential areas. Residents say the engineers keep them updated on any new developments.

“I just hope that county council, the people that make the decisions really look at everybody’s opinion and once they’re starting to lean one way give everybody another opportunity to kinda see which way this goes,” said Darby Vernon, lives down the street from the high school.

Beaufort County’s planning another meeting to get feedback from the community about the most popular proposal later this month. The county hopes to finish the chosen design plan this year.

To learn more on the 2018 One Cent Referendum, click here. You can also contact the Beaufort County Engineering Division at 843.255.2700.

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