Effingham Co. church celebrates National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Effingham Co. church celebrates National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Thursday was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

To recognize the occasion for the second year one Springfield church did their part to make sure all our first responders had one less thing to worry about.

Each Sunday Holy Trinity Lutheran Church invites the community inside to hopefully fill their spirit, but Thursday the church went outside the building to fill stomachs and show support for local law enforcement.

“I hope that they think they are appreciated because they truly are,” said Trinity’s Chair of Community Outreach Ralph Gnann.

That, of course, is what the day is all about, showing appreciation and nothing does that quite like a nice home cooked meal.

A meal most members of our law enforcement agencies don’t get to enjoy on a regular basis.

Which is why volunteers at Trinity Lutheran spent their morning Thursday and late evening Wednesday putting meals together.

From green beans, to barbecue chicken, bread and all the fixings, each container filled to the brim, packed up and divided for each Effingham County law enforcement agency.

Work that the Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie certainly took notice of.

“It really means a lot to us that they take time out of their busy schedules to stop and do this kind of thing for us,” said Sheriff McDuffie, who isn’t shy when it comes to a good meal.

“Well, you can tell we don’t miss many meals. We enjoy eating and having a good time,” he added.

A simple gesture that to them means much more.

“When you have this kind of thing to go on it makes all the bad stuff go to the backside,” Sheriff McDuffie said.

On a day meant to recognize the work and sacrifices of law enforcement, Sheriff McDuffie is instead thinking of others.

“We hope for our military that things calm down for those guys and we appreciate what they do as well.”

For all who sacrifice to keep us safe each and every day, I think Ralph Gnann says it best.

“They are heroes in our communities.”

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